About Us

There are three of us who provide the core work of the Keystone Institute, and many associates and colleagues who have joined us over the years to work together to advance good ideas.

Elizabeth Neuville is the Executive Director of the Keystone Institute and has focused on providing education in Social Role Valorization (SRV), individualized service designs and person centered planning. Much of her recent work involves the deinstitutionalization movement in eastern Europe. She also has a deep interest in the history of social movements, and in particular, the many lessons that can be drawn from studying past movements in the field of disability and how they relate to the present.

Pamela Seetoo also teaches SRV widely, has many years of experience working with children and families within the foster care system and teaches, studies and facilitates many events.

Eileen Scott focuses her energies on person centered thinking and planning and tools that are useful in developing a vision and gaining momentum toward changes within individuals, families, organizations and communities.

We are deeply invested in creating positive alternatives to institutionalization, marginalization and entrenched, systematic societal devaluation of many groups of people across the globe.


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